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Terms of Service & Agreement

By Signing up and creating account with RAWnChiMemes social media netwok, i am 18 years or older. I understand this network may have explicated content. I Understand by lying against the rawnchimemes.com social media network "Terms of Use" can involve "Legal & Criminal" disputes both state and federal.

Content listed on rawnchimemes.com & its affiliated mobile apps in the RAWnChiMemes Marketplace are not financially controlled, managed, or governed by the founders, developers & owners of the RAWnChiMemes community.

rawnchimemes.com management does have the right to terminate accounts who seek malicious activity.
Example: Payments made by users using 3rd party pay merchants & do not receive their product.
Example 2: General scamming against other users.
Example 3: Pirated content / Redistribute without consent.
Example 4: Child Pornography "STRICTLY PROHIBITED"

rawnchimemes.com and its affiliated apps condones the usage involving minors and is strictly prohibited from the RAWnChiMemes social media network.
(Politics & Political Debates)
RAWnChiMemes "rawnchimemes.com" is NOT a network for "Political Debates" & shall not be used for such. rawnchimemes.com & its affiliated apps do not allow the usage of politics and political news links in the RAWnChimemes social network.
rawnchimemes.com & its affiliated apps Terms of Service & Agreements are subject to change at any time.