Timeline Algorithm Updates

RAWnChiMemes Timeline Algorithm Updates

We are announcing the following timeline updates active as of today 10-04-20 and this announcementis to explain what we have updated in the following features and why we updated the timeline.

We understand some content users may find upsetting and graphic. RAWnChiMemes discovers and welcomes new users every day and notice some users like to post and display genitalia. This is not against the groups policies and terms of service however, we like to keep a network available for all users 18+ and allow them to control what is displayed on their devices and timeline feeds.

Our new Timeline update allows users to control what feeds and posts they see from other users by simply choosing who they follow on RAWnChiMemes social media network. We understand most users who are Men, do NOT want to see other explicted content from other Men. New users who sign up and register may not see any feeds or posts from other users in their timeline. The fix for this is to follow existing users in the following options.

People you may know

People you may know will display in your timeline feed with buttons under each individual user of RAWnChiMemes, if you see someone you may know or a user whom you may be interested in following. simply tap the Follow button.


Explore tab you will see by tapping the menu button at the top left of screen, then selecting discover. User will then navigate to the discover page and see a larger list of existing users whom you can then follow via the Discover page.

I have items listed in Marketplace! what does this mean for me?

This does not mean your items will only be shown by users who follow you. Everyone is available to see your listed content in the RAWnChiMemes Marketplace. Access of marketplace is the Menu Button at top left of screen.

I have Blocked Users, can they see my Marketplace listings?

Users who you have in your blocking list are not obligated to see any sort of content you may post, share, list etc. communication within the RAWnChiMemes app is restricted and denied between both users unless removed from your blocking list.

How can I control who follows me if they are not blocked?

Every user in RAWnChiMemes is obligated to control the access to their content and data via Privacy Settings. You can access these settings by simply tapping your avatar image at the bottom right of screen, then tap Privacy Settings. It is important!!!! To ensure users are allowed to message you if you plan to sell content via Marketplace.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Search and follow RAWnChiMemes Support, you can message any time for support, issues, inquiries and more.