How To Post on Marketplace

Video and Information guide

RAWnChiMemes has an listing network for users to list their content for sale. As we explained in our Terms of Service and Agreements page, RAWnChiMemes does not manage the financial transactions for users listings. We offer CashApp feature where sellers have to input their cash app username on the listing, to notify potential buyers where they need to pay in order to make payment for content. Users who make payment via cashapp, must then message the seller their CashApp username so the seller can verify "Inside CashApp" that the payment has been made. After Verification of payment the seller must return a message with the content such as photo or video.

Users are obligated to download the following content from the RAWnChiMemes Messenger and save to their device. As per LAWs regarding Copyright acts, buyers who receive the purchased content shall "NOT" redistribute across "ANY" social media networks, this includes RAWnChiMemes & its affiliated apps. By Purchasing content from rawnchimemes members, all purchasee's are not allowed to redistribute without consent from the seller. Failure to follow the RAWnChiMemes marketplace guidelines can result in permanent ban by "device & IP address". Meaning users will not have access to create new account in event, a users account has been banned.


Users of both parties "Buyers & Sellers" have the opportunity to raise disputes in the event something bad happends. We understand and are aware some users may attempt to scam or attempt malicious activity on RAWnChiMemes. If you have an issue with a buyer or seller, you may raise a dispute with RAWnChiMemes Support in message. Support may ask you a series of questions and possibly screen shots of the activity in order to determine the best solution to both parties problems. If includes account ban, suspending, etc. RAWnChiMemes Support may also introduce the other party involved and ask questions or attempt to communicate with in order to determine the solution.

Blocked Members

Members whom you have in your blocked list will not be able to see your account, or communicate with you. This also includes your listings as a seller. Buyers will not be able to see your listed items in the RAWnChiMemes Marketplace. Blocked members will also not be able to message you. This paragraph is disclosed to help rest assure any worries whom, your listings may be public to in the event you are listing on the Marketplace.

How to List content for sale

Here is a video on how to create a listing for sale in the marketplace.

More videos will be added

to this post if requested by RAWnChimemes Members